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You need to make a full stop today -- if only to give yourself time to think. The competition isn't as fierce as you imagine, so relax and make sure that you're working with the right people.


A fresh perspective lets you see today's weird issues in a new way, and might also help you explain things to a good friend. In fact, you might be able to turn things around in a bad situation quickly.


You can't just sit idly by and hope for the best today -- action is essential! You may find that your friends or colleagues are waiting for you without letting you know, so get busy and see what happens.


Communication is just a little bit tougher than usual today -- but not on your end! The people closest to you are on a different frequency and might easily misinterpret your subtler messages.


You have to listen carefully -- otherwise, you're sure to take the wrong action. Get all the info you can before making your move, as backtracking is extremely costly for you at this time.


It's okay to run with your ambitions -- in fact, you just don't feel right today unless you're working on something that's a big deal to you. Try to get your friends or family on board, if possible.


Your weird emotional state could drag you down into a mire if you let it -- so make sure that you spend time with friends and family, especially those with big personalities who can influence your mood for the better.


Your easygoing ways smooth the waters between you and that one friend or colleague who has been having troubles lately. It's a really good day for you to start something new together.


Don't give your all today. That's not often advice you like hearing, but for now, your reserves of energy (and money and time and everything else) are nearing depletion, though they should refill soon enough.


You score a big accomplishment today -- one that can really make a difference in your life. It may be professional, romantic, or a high score on your favorite game, but it rings your bell in a good way.


Go with the flow today -- life is stronger than you are for the time being! That doesn't mean you can't change course one day soon, but for now, fighting it just makes it that much worse.


You've got friends in all the right places today. That doesn't mean you aren't responsible for your own accomplishments, of course, but it does mean that you've got to accept more help than usual.


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