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You have to lead the way today. Things are definitely looking up, but only if you seize control and show your people that there are more options. You're a natural pioneer!


This is not a good time to make purchases of any kind unless you've been planning them for a long time. If it's written down in your budget or you can show your research, go for it!


A good friend needs to talk with you. Don't delay! You need each other, but you're likely to get more out of this encounter than they are. Repay the favor next time!


It's easier to get riled up than it is to calm down today, so do your best to avoid situations you know could spin into conflict. If you do lose your cool, you're better off cutting and running than sticking it out.


You're having great fun with some new hobby or project, so dive into it headfirst! Your terrific personal energy means that you should learn a lot and inspire others to do the same.


You could run into a few problems with colleagues today, especially if you're looking for work or need to rely on someone to take care of your business. Don't take it personally!


A compromise is on the table. Are you willing to run with it? You might find it harder than usual to accept giving up something thanks to a deep vein of ego that doesn't seem tapped yet. You can do it!


Someone close needs help at work or home, so dive in and give them what they need. Your payment may come much later and take an unexpected form, but you should know it when you see it.


Your terrific energy is making life a little sweeter for you and those around you. Take pleasure in life's little wonders, and try to show your people why their fears are ill-founded.


You need to blow off someone or something, and that is definitely not your style! It's a good time for you to be firm and direct as you tell someone you have other things to do.


Your practiced eye spots a pattern in some small part of life that nobody else has noticed yet, so run with it! You may find that your energy is unusually focused, which is perfect for your needs.


You could be asking all the wrong questions today, but at least one of the answers will be useful! Your energy is a bit scattered, but you know the truth when you finally see it.


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