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You may find yourself overly frustrated with your work or chores today, thanks to weird details that don't line up with your expectations. Try to relax and make sure you've got the right back up.


Your affectionate nature is making life sweeter for everyone today, so make sure that you're sharing the love! It's a great time to rekindle a romance or to make new friends. Bust it out!


It's kind of boring, but you have to face up to that pile of bills or other chores -- they aren't going anywhere! Your life gets a little weirder if you out them off, but it's not likely to be a catastrophe.


Your left brain is a little hyperactive today, so put it to good use solving problems that need to be broken down and chewed up. You may shock someone at work with your perfectly rational answers.


You are feeling quite a bit more introverted than usual today, so you may want to take a long walk on your own or find some way to shut yourself in while working. This phase doesn't last long!


Your energy couldn't be better for sprucing up and making your life more livable -- so get to it! You can move mountains if you push hard enough, and your colleagues and roommates will adore you.


You need to get your social life back in gear -- or ramp it up if you feel that it's already humming along. Your energy is just right for little tweaks and getting reacquainted with folks from years past.


A new bit of information comes your way tomorrow -- one that should make life quite a lot more interesting for you. See if you can get your friends to help you decipher it or fit it into your worldview.


Your social skills are a little out of balance today, but you can still handle yourself well -- as long as you can avoid showing your impatience or frustration with others' unfortunate foibles.


Try to track down that long-lost pal (or flame) who's been on your mind a bit lately. It's easier than ever for you to find people, and they are much more likely to be receptive on a day like today.


Someone who is smiling to your face while planning to stab you in the back is just about to make their play -- so make yours first! Now is the time to at least get out of the way, if not to counter-attack.


Your left brain is quite active right now, so it's a great day for you to slow down and think through all the details of whatever plan is on your mind. You can fix things up in no time flat!


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