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If you're not involving yourself with new people or new business today, you need to rethink things. It's actually tough to avoid novelty on a day like today, so you may as well embrace it!


You need to beat back the effort to shake things up today -- maintain the status quo, even if it makes you feel uncomfortable. It's your role, and you're right to take it on. Change should come slowly.


More than most, you pride yourself on your open mind. Today, though, you open up to an idea that would have seemed completely insane just a few weeks or months ago. It can be a life-changer.


If you need to persuade someone you're right, you need to appeal to logic today. People aren't exactly emotionless robots, but they are much more likely to respond well when their left brains are massaged.


You need to be adaptable today -- things are sure to get weird, and you might need to get even weirder in order to cope! Keep your eyes open and make sure you see what's coming up soon.


Adopt a scientific mindset today and set about experimenting with your people or routines to find a better way of doing things. You should be able to do better without shaking things up too much.


You need to apply your massive intellect to social pursuits today -- in particular, figuring out that one tough nut. It might be a crush or a new coworker, but you can get to their chewy center quickly if you want!


You're seized with the impulse to change everything around you, from furnishings to coworkers -- but you might want to be patient with yourself. If you shake it all up, you might regret one of the conflicts raised.


You meet someone new and make a great, solid connection. It could be a romantic thing if you want it, or it could also be a new professional contact. See if you can make it into something really big!


Today is all about money -- which, for you, could mean anything from budgeting to windfalls. If a surprise comes your way, you should be well prepared to make the most of it or to keep it from getting worse.


Your mental energy is just about perfect for today's wild ride, so get out in front of the crowd and shake things up in a new way! You can lead the pack or just go your own way.


Today is all about the future, and you can't help but wonder what comes next for you. Your energy may be a bit dissipated, but you are sure to find that you can dream up something big.


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