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Try to go more slowly. Today is all about taking care and making sure that everything goes right. People may be impatient, but you can tell them that it's better to avoid mistakes for now.


You could meet a new spiritual adviser today, though they could be thoroughly untraditional! It could be anyone from a new crush to a quiet person at work to someone asking for spare change.


Your head is swimming, but it's not an intellectual failure! Your energy is just out of sync with the ideas you have to confront. You should be back in the game in a couple of days at the most.


Does it feel like nobody understands you now? That may be at least partially true, so it's likely a good time for you to hunker down and focus on your own needs and projects.


Someone near you needs help, so keep your eyes (and heart) open! It's a good time to get your friends to pitch in, too, because your leadership qualities are in focus.


Your ambition isn't getting the better of you. It's leading the way and making sure that you're taking life seriously! It's a great time for you to step up and challenge yourself in a new way.


Your nostalgia is a powerful force today, but that may not be positive! Try not to get wrapped up in worries over what could have been. Today can be a delight if you let it!


It's the best day to start something new, especially if it involves signing a contract or otherwise entering into a formal agreement. You feel confident and strong!


It's a funny sort of day, and you may find it harder than usual to reconcile your deeper needs with your more immediate concerns. That's okay. Things should shake out for the best in the long run!


Your accomplishments are legendary, and today shows how great you can be when it comes to making a real difference in the world. You could be in the spotlight, and you've earned your place there!


You don't seem to understand today's big drama, and that's fine. Sometimes you just have to act on instinct without worrying too much about what's really going on with people.


A leader shows up today. Could it be you? Your energy is just right for taking command, but that doesn't mean you feel like it or that you're even the best possible candidate.


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