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You need to take control of a new situation and make sure that everyone involved knows what's expected of them. Your organizational skills might be rusty, but you can still get it done.


You don't like the big change that has been announced from on high, but there's not much you can do except be clear about your concerns. It's moving on no matter what, but you can always say, "I told you so."


Your thinking gets even deeper today, which is saying quite a bit. All that great mental energy helps lead you to an exciting new conclusion. It's time to show the world what's really going on!


You need to deal with financial issues today, though you probably would rather do anything else. Just get your information all in one place and then work until it starts to make sense.


People come to you looking for answers, and you've got them! It's a great time for you to step up and offer solutions to problems that have been bugging friends and co-workers for weeks or months.


You can't just assume that you know what's going on this time, so make sure that you're trying to figure out the details. That could mean you need to experiment more than usual.


Your friendly ways are making life a lot better for those around you, and you can easily mend fences with those you need to have back on your side. And you don't have to break a sweat doing it!


Your urge to redecorate is strong and almost impossible to resist. That could lead to problems if you don't live alone, but your style should help you win any arguments that pop up.


Your social energy is peaking right now, and you should find it easier to end feuds and reach out to new people. It's a great time to make new friends and connect with those you love.


It's time for a little change. Everyone else seems to be doing it! See if you can tweak your style or approach in an important way without coming across as a revolutionary.


You're sure to get a good response to your proposals today. People are really affected by your passion! It's a good time to offer new ideas at work, but you can succeed almost anywhere.


This isn't a great day for intense study or concentration. You would be much better off wandering physically and mentally. Pretty soon, your energy will refocus itself and you can get back to work.


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