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Sometimes your listening skills feel a bit rusty, but on a day like today, you should find that everything goes swimmingly. If you open up to that customer, child or authority figure, you get all you need.


Jazz up your day with a spontaneous jaunt or a top-to-bottom shakeup at work. You should get a charge out of almost any change, especially if it's something you want to sustain for the long term.


Your brains are even more powerful than usual today, so see if you can get to work on some new problem -- or create something new to play with and eventually bequeath to your friends.


Expect a fight, or at least a disagreement, with family or roommates today. If you live alone, your peace may be shattered by a car alarm that doesn't shut off or something similarly irritating. You can endure.


People who had been your opponents just the other day are lining up to sign on your dotted line today. What changed? Your patience won them over, that's all. Stick with it!


You can't stick with your routines indefinitely -- you need to make a real difference today. Surprise your colleagues or family by doing things backward or even starting off on something entirely new.


You may not be an art critic, but you know what you like -- and today, your aesthetic senses are pumped to the max. It's a great time to discover new music or sources of inspiration.


You are on better terms with your unconscious mind than most people, but on a day like today, you wish it didn't have such easy access. Weird feelings and ideas keep surfacing, and at least one of them is a winner.


Your social energy is still vibrant, and you should find that you can convince almost anyone to take your side -- you're practically hypnotic! Don't push too hard or you may find it hard to keep up tomorrow.


Elbow your way to the front of the line and make sure that you get what's coming to you. That might not come naturally to you, but it is absolutely vital you do so right now.


That social energy is all fired up, and you are craving something (or someone) new. Stretch your boundaries somewhat and find someone who really challenges the way you think about life.


It may be time for spring cleaning -- emotionally or physically. Clear out old stuff that's just taking up space and make room for something fresh, new and exciting. It takes work, but it's worth it!


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