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Try taking a giant step away from your usual thinking and find a way to express big, wild ideas in ways that your more mundane colleagues can understand. You can make almost anything happen!


You need to deal with people who are pushing you a little too hard today—but don't be too harsh! They may offer rewards that you can see are practically worthless, but sometimes the effort is its own reward.


People are hard to influence today. Make sure that you're not just preaching at them—listen to them carefully and see what they want before trying to get them to see things your way.


Take care of your own needs first today. That runs counter to what you've been told, but remember that you can't really help anyone else until you're doing okay yourself. Things can get better!


You are even more generous than usual, which seems a little crazy but is true nonetheless. Those you care about may start to get overwhelmed with all that you give them by the end of the day.


Things are really weird at home, or maybe at work—and only you can defuse the tension! It could take a joke, or it could take a pointed comment, but you know that you can bring things back to normal.


Expect good news—someone is trying to reach you with an acceptance or bonus that you may never have seen coming. On the other hand, if you know what's coming, you can expect the best possible response.


If you feel funny about a particular situation, just relax and follow your instincts, no matter what you're told. No one is lying to you, exactly, but everyone is looking out for themselves.


Your emotions balance out strongly on the positive side today—most likely all that good energy is fueling the fires of joy and excitement! Make something great happen to spread the feeling.


All seems lost at first today—but if you keep at it despite it all, you should find that things start to look a lot better by the end of the day. By this time tomorrow, you should be golden!


You need to expand your possibilities today. See if you can get your people to tell you what they're up to, as at least one of them is holding a piece of a puzzle you've been trying to solve for a while.


You need to keep that mouth shut at sensitive times today—it's way too easy to spill the beans or to reveal a little more than you had intended. That social energy is great in other circumstances though!


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