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Keep your mind on the big picture today—you can't be bothered with trivialities. Things are looking good for you, as long as you can avoid the nitty-gritty and just keep your eyes on the prize.


Now is the time to speak up about what you're feeling—things are getting a little weird, but that doesn't mean that you can't speak up to your friends and family. In fact, you may be doing them a favor.


You are busy and loving it! You've got a lot of balls in the air, but you're such an adept juggler that you make it look easy. It's a good day for you to ask for even more, actually!


Your irritation with some new person or project may manifest itself in unusual ways today, so make sure that you're targeting the right people! You may need to take a time-out to catch your breath.


You are feeling more impressed than ever with your progress—and you are not the only one! Make sure that you're letting the world know about your accomplishments, so you can get tapped for even more.


Your rational mind is making life more interesting for you—but maybe a little more difficult for others! Try to give a little when emotions start to get riled up, or you may find yourself alone.


Go for something new today. You know you deserve it, and you can also tell that things can get really boring really fast without something novel to distract your active mind. Ask a friend for a recommendation.


Work-related issues are on the table and causing more stress than usual. This may be a good time to clear away some old projects that aren't helping anyone or even to consider a career change.


You are feeling the urge to talk more today—things are kind of stumbling along slowly, and it may be a good time to forget about progress and just rethink what you need to do next.


You may have too much going on in your head to concentrate—so discipline yourself and discard anything extraneous. You need to deal with something that's big and getting bigger!


Your interests keep you interesting—especially to the hotties out there! No matter what your love life is like, you can expect a boost in the form of someone taking a shine to the way you do things.


Your creative energy is lighting up the day, but you may not feel like you're making yourself heard. That's fine—people should pick up on your ideas in the near future. Keep working!


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