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Try something totally new and unexpected today—you've got the energy for it, and your people are ready for you to show them the way. Things should start to get really good in just a few hours.


You may know you're right—but good luck convincing others! The worst thing you can do is to lecture or just assume that your righteousness is enough to carry the day. Diplomacy wins!


You and a friend are approaching today's big issue from the same direction—wouldn't it be great if you could work together? Make sure that you're both talking about the same thing, though!


Someone needs your assistance. It may be a charity or a family member, but your willingness to pitch in should put you in a better light, even to those you don't realize are watching.


Travel is still on your mind—can you head out, or at least plan a trip? If you can pick a destination, the rest should fall into place before you know it. Let yourself dream, and then keep moving.


You feel more restless than usual—and it's not just a holiday blues thing. You need to push yourself as much as you can to head out into the world and mix it up with partiers and other interesting strangers.


Take care of something that really matters to you in a big way—don't let it slip away from you! Things are looking good for you, as long as you can stick to your guns today.


Turn your attention to bigger issues today. Things are good, but that just means that you've got more time to spend on strategic and big-picture stuff. Ask for help if you need it!


You take in all sorts of new information today—you're like a private detective! Things get more and more interesting for you as you make your way through the day, so enjoy the surprises!


Don't let this morning's bad news drag you too far down—you can still make this work! Just keep pushing forward until you get where you're going. It's just a matter of willpower at this point.


Try not to avoid socializing today, no matter how bad that headache may be. Your energy is just right for working together with those who are on your team to pursue common goals.


A small stroke of good luck may turn into a streak if you follow it up. Your energy is just right for ensuring that you make the most of any random occurrences that happen in your favor.


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