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You are sure to get frustrated today -- but that doesn't mean that it's necessarily going to get the best of you! Make sure that you're paying attention to your mood and not pushing yourself too hard.


Your people never fail to amaze you with their sincere compassion -- for you and for others. Today, you might not even need them to be there for you, but you're glad to remember you can count on them.


You need to listen to your aspirations today. Change is coming, and you can help to guide it if you know what you really want. Things can be radically different if you want them that way!


You need to let go of immediate concerns for at least a little while today and just enjoy the stream of your consciousness. Things are moving faster than you can handle -- but you catch up soon enough.


You're tempted by something that seems quite attractive -- but you're not sure whether you can trust your gut. It's a great time to get a reality check from a wise friend or family member you know you can trust.


Try not to be too harsh on your people today -- they really are doing the best they can! It's one of those days when just one word of encouragement from you can make the difference between success and failure.


You are juggling lots of things today -- people, projects, and more. That can be great, but for now, it's harder than usual for you to deal with things that are complicated. Try to just keep juggling!


Use your imagination to power up your day -- you can make almost anything happen if you really push yourself! It's a good time for you to step up and show the world what you can do.


You should find that your plans don't really take off today -- but don't despair! You need to find a way to delay things for a few days. Only then is your energy likely to help you get past this obstacle.


Your creative energy is perfect for communication today, so jot down some notes and make sure that your people get the message quickly. You may want to couch things in fun terms to make the most of this.


You should find a new way to think about your finances -- it could be that your credit cards are maxed, or that you need to take on some extra hours at work for a little while to cover expenses.


You help someone almost by accident today -- though they still think you're a saint! You can't help but accrue good karma today, so make the most of it and keep on helping those who need it most.


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