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Your listening skills are tested early on today, and if you pass, you can expect great things at work or at home. If not, you'll get another chance -- but it may take quite a while to come.


Join a gym or find some other way to improve your health in the company of others. It makes it much easier for you to commit when others are involved as well -- even total strangers!


That smart energy you are so famous for is ready for action! You may want to take a class, engage in a debate or just shoot the breeze with the very smartest of your friends and family.


It's easier than usual to get going today, in part because you can feel the pressure of all the things you still need to do. The good news is that your activity should pay off handsomely.


Don't be afraid to ask for help today -- in fact, it may be the only way you can get anything done! Your friends and colleagues are mostly looking out for the group's interests anyway.


Expect a setback. It isn't likely to be the end f the road for any project, but it is likely to tie you up for longer than you would like. If you handle it well, you draw the right kind of attention to yourself.


Art and music are especially appealing today -- and so are attractive humans! You may find yourself drawn to someone new, which may be thrilling or disconcerting, depending on your circumstances.


It's easier than ever for you to get to the bottom of the issues right now -- though it may not be so easy to act on this knowledge. You're good at biding your time, so wait out the opposition.


You need to be upfront today -- anyone who's acting furtively is sure to be seen in the same light as lawyers. Don't parse your words or give yourself wiggle room, as you don't need such tricks.


It's one of those days when you know that you need to make a big push on your career track or job goals, and you should have the right kind of mental energy to do it. Motivate yourself!


Your intellect is well-respected, and for good reason. Now is the time to reinforce people's beliefs about you -- bust out with a hot idea or original insight that nobody else could see coming.


It's a great time for decision-making. You've got all the facts you need, and all the support you can ask for. All you need to do is make up your mind and then take the first step.


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